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Vital Information
This board is your first stop to get all the vital information needed to be able to accurately create a character that will fit in seamlessly with the world we have here at X-Generation.

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15 18 Sep 13 2017, 01:34 AM
In: [required Reading] Godmodding
By: Madison Waugh

noun: the production of new knowledge from sensory or intellectual experience

This is the staff board - it's password protected!

6 3 Sep 22 2017, 11:22 AM
In: Protected Forum
By: Kyros
Support Central

Guest Friendly!

Feel free to ask questions about the site here if you are unable to locate a member of the staff team!

open threads - moderation thread

2 0 Sep 23 2017, 08:55 AM
In: Moderation
By: Kyros

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Registration Hub

Post your applications here. Use the following format for the title: Firstname Lastname. If the application is still a work in progress, add WIP at the end of the title. If it is finished, remove the WIP so the staff team knows that it is complete and ready for review.

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15 22 Today at 10:31 am
In: Andrea Margulies
By: Kyros
The Database

Accepted characters as well as all claims can be found in this board. Accepted characters are sorted by faction!

Sorted - Claims

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100 345 Today at 01:39 pm
In: Jessamine Roux
By: Ira Sofen
Character Extras
Just a few little extra things here to make things more enjoyable and easier to manage. Please be sure to read the guidelines for the AU board carefully!

AU - Quick Comms - Trackers

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19 67 Today at 05:55 pm
In: A Thorn In The Corporate Side
By: Leland Winsley
Member Boards
Each member on our site gets their very own board. You can post whatever you want here: WIP apps, little musings, images, songs, even moodboards, playlists, and various outfits that might give you muse.

A-M - N-Z

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17 31 Today at 01:48 pm
In: Jebediah Guthrie
By: Jebediah Guthrie

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Sub-Basement Level Two
The deepest level of the massive compound, the second level of the subterranean basement holds what can be considered the X-Men’s facilities. Cerebro, the War Room, and several holding cells make up a portion of this restricted level.

Students require an X-Man escort to be in this level.

laboratory - danger room

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7 65 Today at 05:38 pm
In: The Enkinding
By: Alexa Torres
Sub-Basement Level One
With level two being strictly for the X-Men, level one caters more to the students living at the mansion. The hangar is off-limits to students without being accompanied by an X-man.

hangar - laundry - medical - training & fitness

Subforums: Hangar, Laundry Facilities, Medical Ward, Training & Fitness Rooms

9 27 Today at 07:18 pm
In: School Of Hard Knocks
By: Logan Howlett
Main Floor
The main floor is a functioning school, providing students with a proper education in both general education subjects and mutant topics.

Meals are served in the dining room from 6-8am, 11am-1pm, and 5-7pm.

foyer - kitchen - offices - classrooms

Subforums: Foyer & Grand Entry, Kitchen & Dining Room, Formal Ballroom, Administration Offices, Classrooms, Auditorium

12 38 Today at 07:26 pm
In: The Secret Chef
By: Hisako Ichiki
Second Floor
The second floor of the mansion contains all of the living quarters as well as recreational rooms, one on each wing and one in the middle between the two wings. X-Men and guest housing is in the east wing. Student housing is in the west wing.

rec rooms - student housing - x-men apartments

Subforums: Recreational Rooms, Student Housing, X-Men & Guest Apartments

20 186 13 minutes ago
In: Eruperunt Lumine De Tenebr...
By: Tandy Bowen
Third Floor
The quietest level of the five by far, the third floor is home to the mansion’s extensive library and its quaint chapel, as well as the counselor offices.

balcony - lounge - library - chapel

Subforums: The Balcony, Lounge, Library, Chapel

9 53 60 minutes ago
In: Filling Cracks
By: Hisako Ichiki
The roof can be accessed from the stairwell at the far end of the third floor, and contains the foam pit to cushion the landings of mutants learning to fly.

4 52 Today at 05:55 pm
In: [m] I Met Him When The Sun ...
By: Ira Sofen
The Outdoors
The outdoors defines the area immediately surrounding the mansion's building, as well as the build-in garage. There is an olympic-sized swimming pool located just outside the rear of the main building, a basketball court over the hatch that covers the hangar, and Japanese Gardens behind the east wing, quiet and remote despite being so close to the school.

japanese gardens

Subforums: Japanese Gardens

6 39 Yesterday at 04:30 pm
In: Chlorinated Satisfaction (t...
By: Molly Hayes
The Grounds
This is the remaining nearly three hundred acres of forests and fields that surrounds Xavier’s. The carriage house still houses a couple of horses as well as Cain Marko, the Juggernaut, so students should remember to be courteous. A lake, Breakstone, and its boathouse and dock lie nestled in the heart of the property, surrounded by tall trees. Also hidden among the trees is a small cemetery, with more headstones than one would think would be in a private cemetery.

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Administration Buildings
What once held various offices and official military nonsense now holds the Brotherhood’s mess hall and other areas that have been renovated to be training rooms and meeting places.

1 2 Yesterday at 06:09 pm
In: Months..
By: Tildie Soames
Split into four three-story buildings, the Brotherhood has room to house the equivalent of eight military squads. However, each member has sequestered off bits of the barracks however they see fit. Each building has laundry facilities on the bottom floor.

1 3 Sep 23 2017, 02:30 PM
In: Gorgeous Curve
By: Alexa Torres
The Outdoors
The landscaping around the compound’s various buildings has been taken care of even in the base’s lack of use. Parts have been turned into various gardens, providing fresh produce and herbs for the Brotherhood.

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The Grounds
Covering several hundred acres, the property has much to discover. Acres upon acres of forests and fields, as well as a large lake that lies hidden among the trees.

runway & hangar - the lake & dock

Subforums: Runway & Hangar, Dog Island & Mariner's Dock

2 12 Today at 06:39 pm
In: Line Of Sight
By: Alexa Torres

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The Cities
Not only exclusive to New York City, this board contains threads taking place in all of the cities New York has to offer!

Living Places - Mutant Response Division - hellhouse - pandora

Subforums: Living Places, Mutant Response Division, The Hellhouse, Club Pandora

33 246 53 minutes ago
In: There's A First Time Fo...
By: Pietro Maximoff

From Central Park to rural New York, there's no shortage of nature in this great state.

gardens - hunting cottage - ridgeworth greenhouse

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3 17 37 minutes ago
In: Would It Be Enough To Make ...
By: Logan Howlett

Collapse   The World
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United States of America

The United States is one of the largest countries in the world. Surely there's something going on somewhere else.

northeast - midwest - south - west

Subforums: Northeast, Midwest, South, West

4 7 Yesterday at 12:35 pm
In: Golden Hill Gamble
By: Noriko Ashida
The Rest of the World
The world is a vast place. Genosha, the Savage Land, the safe house located on Muir Island of Scotland... It's a great big place. Why not explore some of it?

4 54 Yesterday at 10:03 am
In: Three Days In Paris
By: Kitty Pryde
The Brimstone Dimension
Once a formless expanse of smoke and fire, the Brimstone Dimension is the home of an ancient demonic civilisation lead by the warlord Azazel - a helpless prisoner in a nightmare of his own creation. Black forests of steel, bone and cinders rise from the ground, their razor canopies sheltering writhing monstrosities. A vast fortress darkens the dread countryside around it for miles as the dark beating heart of an infinite plane given form by the restless dream of the king who dwells within.

1 3 Yesterday at 07:32 am
In: From Ashes We Rise [raven/a...
By: Ezra Wagner
The Spirit Realm
Regarded as an external environment for spirits, the spirit realm is the world or realm inhabited by spirits, both good or evil of various spiritual manifestations.

2 4 Sep 21 2017, 03:42 AM
In: The Nightmare Frontier
By: Sebastian Urzica

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Off Topic

Need to just relax a bit and have some fun? Going on a trip? Check out this board for all off-topic related things.

games - general board - absences

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3 32 Sep 21 2017, 09:32 PM
In: Away For A Few Days
By: Kyros
Creative Corner
Got an artistic side that you wanna show off? Did you just have an overwhelming amount of muse to make graphics for characters that aren't yours? Showcase your talent here!

3 5 Sep 15 2017, 11:46 AM
In: Character Aesthetics
By: Golnesa Pesquet

This contains the history of X-Generation.

archived characters - 2017

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56 728 Yesterday at 03:22 pm
In: A Tranquil Dip
By: Heather Cameron
Advertise your own board here! Be sure you get in the correct board!

Humans is for first posts.
Mutants is for link backs.
Brothers in Arms is for affiliates.

humans - mutants - brothers in arms

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18 1 Yesterday at 07:13 pm
In: X Men: Divided We Fall
By: Twig

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